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Florida Resurrection House is a
not-for-profit 501(c)3 operating since 1987. We assist homeless and working poor families with children to recover stability, achieve self-sufficiency, and break the cycle of poverty.


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   Helping Families Help Themselves



We are a community, faith-based, transitional housing and self-sufficiency program for motivated families with minor children who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

Our working solution isÖ

...the journey taken by all the families participating in the Resurrection House program. It occurs not in one day but over time. It begins in faith Ė faith by participants that with trust, motivation, and hard work, they will gain skills that will help them achieve not only economic self-sufficiency but also become spiritually and emotionally whole; faith on our part that God will direct each of us who works with these families to guide, encourage, and show them how to change their lives so they never again are homeless, poor, and without hope.

Every day our courageous families overcome incredible challenges to change their lives and end the cycle of welfare dependency. These miracles require enormous resources; we cannot do it without your support.

Resurrection House receives no government funding. Thank you for visiting our website. Please continue exploring to learn more about our program, to make a donation, or to volunteer to help rebuild lives, to renew faith, and to change our community for the better!

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Twenty years ago, when I became President and CEO of Resurrection House, the Board of Directors and I went through a strategic planning process. We did this again about five years ago to ensure our mission and goals were on track. They are.

Management expert Peter Druckerís books were iconic and I remember reading about the Japanese one hundred year plans and thinking that may be too ambitious for us; but, certainly we could consider a twenty year plan. To date, we have achieved four of five goals made those many years ago and, by the time I retire, we expect to be well on our way to accomplishing goal five.

I mention this because our work with participant families follows the same path. We help them move from fear to planning a future. The key, both for the families and Resurrection House, is Druckerís advice that any plan is meaningless unless it is grounded in action today. We work with families to consider each step toward their goals and, then, hold them accountable for working each day to accomplish these steps. Itís a simple plan and it works.

This is a team effort that embraces the entire community of Tampa Bay. Without our supporters, partnerships, and volunteers, we could not reach any of our goals. I wish to thank you and acknowledge your confidence in our mission and the myriad ways our success is because of you...

God bless you!

Cynthia Sinclair
President, Resurrection House

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Florida Resurrection House, Inc.
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